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About Us

We are a Mum & Daughter team who started Pacific Balloons, in a shed, at the back of Ardleigh Green Road, in December 1989.

After seeing bears stuffed into balloons at Alton Towers, we looked into buying a balloon stuffer machine for ourselves, not an easy feat in the days before Google. My Dad finally located the company that manufactured them, bought one and Mum set up a stall in Dagenham Market. Armed with a balloon stuffer, a generator and lots of enthusiasm, she sold bears in balloons to excited customers, who had never seen anything like it before. Less than a year after that we moved into 193a Ardleigh Green Road and Pacific Balloons was born.

Trade was slow as we tried to convince people it was worth walking down the alley to visit the shop, but on our first valentines day, we had queue of 6 people. That was enough for us to think we had made it. 

We moved into our shop at 203 Ardleigh Green Road in 2004 and the rest is history.

Our business has changed so much over the years, but we're still here and so grateful to our wonderful and talented staff and lovely customers. 

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